Our goal is to equip Canada to meet its 21st century infrastructure challenges by providing a smarter, stronger, more sustainable way to build for the future.


CMSI manufactures bridges, composite mat solutions, composite platforms walkways and bridge decks using advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) construction. All products are engineered and custom fabricated at our facility in Edmonton., Alberta and delivered to construction sites nationwide. We are Canada’s exclusive licensed manufacturer of InfraCore: a game changing FRP technology.


CMSI is driven to reshape the way infrastructure projects are conceptualized and constructed, through next-generation materials and manufacturing expertise. Our process is to work collaboratively with transportation and engineering firms to support their bid process and advance their projects with our proven, patented technology and extensive manufacturing experience. Whatever the design, structural or logistical challenge, CMSI is committed to delivering the right solution necessary to advance the project.


Trust and integrity is at the core of our advanced construction materials – and is emmeshed in our entire approach to doing business. It underlies our practices, processes, procedures and principles. CMSI’s products and business practices revolve around a commitment to sustainable, best-practices construction solutions, as well as responsible operating and environmental practices. We strive to work toward a more just and sustainable future for our communities.

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