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Through our valued partnerships, we innovate and operate to make the world better. We ease the burden of transportation of people and vehicles. We ease the minds of those companies that allow us to apply sensible, responsible solutions. We create lifetime value that defines our products as investments, not costs.


FiberCore Europe


CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) developed a licensing partnership with FiberCore Europe in April, 2021. In doing so, we now exclusively fabricate FRP structures, utilizing the InfraCore® Inside technology, in Canada, and Countries around the world.

The InfraCore® technology offers a standardized and modular structural approach, which enables the realization of proven and validated cost-effective (both OPEX/CAPEX), easily scalable, lightweight, durable, maintenance-free, heavy-duty, damage tolerant, load-bearing FRP structures.



The Benefits & Skillsets of CMSI & FiberCore:

  • Proprietary IP on the uniquely robust InfraCore Technologoy
  • Experience with designing & building 1500+ InfraCore FRP bridges, bridge decks and lock gates.
    The first FRP bridge was built in 1996 and the first miter lock gates in 2011
  • 3000+ m2 production facility + wharf + access to river transport in Rotterdam
  • 5600 SQ Meter manufacturing facility in Nisku, Alberta, Canada
  • Design & Engineering team with deep knowledge of FRP
  • Custom analytical modeling in MathCad, Excel
  • FEM: Abaqus, CAD: SolidWorks, Creo
  • Work preparation with Creo


Key Personnel



CTO/founder: Jan Peeters MSc Aerospace Engineering, 42 years experience with FRP

Dr. Martijn Veltkamp, Design

Ronald Grefhorst MSc Aerospace Engineering, Lead Engineer

Arnoud Haffmans MSc Aerospace Engineering, Senior Engineer

Teodor Gheorghe MSc Civil Engineering, FEM modelling & Analysis

Learn more about FiberCore Europe

Composite Solutions Design Team Leader

J.H.A. Peeters-InfraCore Corporation- CTO and Founding Partner
Trained as engineer in Aerospace Technology at Delft University, Jan specialized in fibre reinforced polymers (composites) and the synthesis between design, fabrication and material properties. Now with more than 40 years of experience with composite materials, ranging from academic to hands-on production, damage assessment and
expertise, Jan has worked in numerous roles including:

  • Workgroup leader of multiple projects including “Research Mechanical Properties of Polymers and Polymer
  • Composites” and “Composites” at the TNO Plastics and Rubber Research Institut,
  • Director-owner of Engineering Consultancy at both Nieuwe Materie BV, and Composieten Team B
  • Co-director co-owner of Flow2 BV, a company focussed at the development of an electrochemical oxygen pump5
  • Co-director and founder FiberCore Europe BV and InfraCore Company BV

Hillman Composite Beams


An established partnership years in the making, Shawn Beamish (CMSI) and John Hillman (HCB), had conceptualized advancements in infrastructure and industry fabrication. Today, it's changed the way a variety of industries look at fabrication utilizing FRP Composites and hybrid iterations.

Design and consulting firm founded in 1996, the HCB products combine the durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites with the functional advantages of concrete and steel. The result is resilient structures and bridge systems benefitting from the extended service life inherent in composite materials.

The lightweight design provides added benefits for shipping and erection while using standard construction equipment and methods.

HCB offers a revolutionary approach to structures and bridge construction.
The patented application of HCB technology can be found throughout North America.

Key Personnel


John Hillman, PE, SE, M.ASCE

Michael Xicko, PE, M.ASCE


Learn more about Hillman Composite Beams


HCB Hybrid Composite Solutions Design Team Leader

John Hillman has been working as a structural engineer in the inspection, construction, and design of unique bridges for over 35 years. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering John began his career working on the construction of a cable-stayed bridge in Richmond, VA. Following this assignment, he completed his master’s degree, where he discovered his penchant for inventing with the development of innovative floor systems for steel-framed buildings. He has been the Engineer of Record for almost every type of bridge structure imaginable, including a Cable-Stay, an Arch, a Truss and a Suspension Bridge as well as numerous conventional structures.

One of John’s greatest accomplishments to date, is the development of the Hybrid-Composite Beam (HCB®). The HCB® combines advanced composites with concrete and steel. This unique embodiment of structural form results in a lightweight, corrosion-resistant and sustainable alternative to conventional materials. In addition to being recognized for one of the Top 25 Inventions by Modern Marvels Invent Now Competition in 2007 and one of the Top 10 Inventions of 2008 by Popular Science Magazine, John
has won numerous design and construction awards in the United States as a result of HCB®, including:

  •  American Council of Engineering Companies- NATIONAL GRAND AWARD-2009
  •  American Composite Manufacturing Association–2010 ACE AWARD
  •  Construction Innovation Forum–2010 NOVA AWARD
  •  American Society of Civil Engineers–2013 CHARLES PANKOW AWARD FOR INNOVATION



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