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We are CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) Canada. We offer a full slate of services, including design, and manufacturing of FRP Composite, and hybrid solutions. From permanent bridge and our patented temporary bridge design to marine and industrial applications.

At CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) we offer a team of engineer and technical design specialists, that have one goal in mind, creating the right solution, for your application. From our first consultation, to shipping and installation if required, our patented advancements in technology ensures we provide solutions that provide significant lifetime value, and minimal maintenance.



We pride ourselves on innovative solutions, that said, innovation is not always accomplished alone; we have a network of licensing partners across the globe to collaborate and create solutions for a variety of industries. Bring us your dreams, ambitions, designs, and structural or logistical challenges. Our group of engineers and designers overcome some of your greatest challenges in the design and fabrication of FRP composite infrastructure. CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) continues to expand its product lines and services to meet the emerging needs of markets around the world. Our team has manufactured composite solutions for major industrial industries that see the harshest conditions including:


Civil Construction Transportation Public Infrastructure Industrial Equipment Energy & Mining

From engineering to transportation and installation, CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. From our manufacturing facility in Nisku, Alberta, to our licensed partnerships worldwide, we have a team of engineers that provide insight through collaboration in designing complex, innovative solutions.


CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is driven to reshape the way infrastructure projects are conceptualized and constructed, through next-generation materials and manufacturing expertise. Our process is to work collaboratively with industry and engineering firms to support their bid process and advance their projects with our proven, patented technology and extensive experience as a composite manufacturing company. Whatever the design, structural or logistical challenge, CMSI is committed to delivering the right solution necessary to advance the project.

With 10 acres, 3 shops, and over 64,000 square feet of custom fabrication space, CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) provides an optimum Steel and Composite Fabrication facility based in Nisku, Alberta. Our manufacturing facility features:


  24 overhead cranes (10-20 tons)   3 outdoor gantry cranes   Multiple welding stations throughoum   Industrial blast, paint and coating facility


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Transportation & Installation

At CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) we we can manage your logistical needs and challenges through our transportation department, to anywhere in the world.

If installation is required, we can work as consultants with your team, or bring our team of certified installation experts, to you.

Advanced Coating and Abrasive Blasting

Advance Coating Solutions is an approved applicator for numerous specialized coatings from 100% solid coating technology, epoxy and urethane coatings to high temperatures silicone and chemically resistant coatings.

Both our shop blast bay facility and our field blast crews are skilled and qualified while ensuring safe work practices are adhered to, including environmentally safe removal of used blast media.

Whether its vessels in your shutdown, integrity digs in your pipeline project, or refurbishing waste water treatment plants, our capacity and experience can ensure your maintenance programs maintain the highest level of quality and assurance to restore your production assets back to their original state.


With innovation at our core, we conduct regular testing on our materials and design methods to withstand the harshest environments. Our team looks at deflection, heat resistance, weight-bearing capacity, and accelerated life tests

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