CMSI Builds FRP Bridges
CMSI Builds Bridges Of The Future
CMSI Bridges have Long Life Spans
CMSI Bridges are practically Maintenance free!
CMSI Bridges are Lightweight
CMSI Bridges are Sustainable
CMSI Bridges are Strong
CMSI has InfraCore Inside

Our Services

We are CMSI Canada. We produce permanent and temporary bridges, mats and bridge decks of extremely strong FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) for infrastructure projects in Canada. FRP, as a construction material in the infrastructure is an innovative and advanced material option. We do this with our team of engineers and technical specialists. We build the bridges in our manufacturing facility in Edmonton Alberta, and deliver them prefabricated to construction sites nationwide. If required, we can also take care of the complete installation of the bridge. We are your choice when it comes to the new way to build long lasting bridges in Canada.

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Own engineering office

CMSI follows the engineering specifications from InfraCore and use engineering firms to approve and stamp all designs to Canadian standards. Choose from a standardized bridge concept, or we will work with you on complex design constructions and innovations.



All FRP bridges and mats are manufactured in a controlled environment at our CMSI manufacturing facility in Edmonton Alberta and delivered prefabricated to construction and project sites nationwide.

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Transportation & Installation

Transportation to the construction site, and installation can be arranged by the CMSI team of technical experts. Our team will advise in advance the foundation required for trouble-free use of our bridges.


Our secret? InfraCore® Inside

You can fully rely on CMSI bridges. They are extremely strong. This thanks to our unique InfraCore® technology. This technology was developed specifically for building extremely robust panels, without internal gluing or bolted connections. The technology is based on the principle that there is continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the structure. This prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and strength. Even after many decades. Even after 100 years.

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