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CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is driven to reshape the way infrastructure and Industry projects are conceptualized and constructed.

We provide a single point source for the design, engineering, fabrication, shipping, and supervision of site commissioning.

Our two North American facilities hold all the capabilities required for these projects.

We offer other supporting services such as design and engineering, project management, hybrids of advanced materials with FRP Composites and metal fabrication, field installation, service work, and repairs.





Infracore Bridges









SUREbridge Renovation with CMSI








The InfraCore® technology is proven to be significantly lighter than steel and concrete. Lighter weight reduces transportation, construction, and installation time, which reflects significant cost savings. When applied to bridge construction, The lightweight design allows for a lighter foundation, again significantly reducing costs.

Low Maintenance

FRP is insensitive to fungi and moisture and therefore cannot rot or rust. UV rays and temperature changes (plus 50 to – 50) also have no influence on FRP. Our products are also resilient to vandalism, and graffiti is easy to remove. Repair costs, if necessary, are very low.


We only have one earth and we have to treat it with care. With our FRP construction materials and construction techniques we contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable.


CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) designs, engineering, and fabrication are very robust and meet the highest safety standards. Our products are virtually indestructible and comply with all Canadian building codes.

FRP is stronger than steel and the unique InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking.



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CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) has developed and implemented a quality management system, using the latest edition of ISO 9001 as a framework that allows our organization to document and improve our practices to better satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, and stakeholders.

Our quality management system meets the requirements of ISO 9001 using risk-based thinking and the Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to process planning. Our quality management system addresses our strategies for the Design, Manufacture, Delivery, and Support of all our products and services.

Quality Policy 2023-2024

CMS Infrastructure demonstrates its commitment to Quality by maintaining a Quality Management System compliant with the latest edition of ISO 9001. This will ensure that CMS Infrastructure captures customer, industry, and regulatory requirements.

Existing and new customers can expect increased Quality, on time completion, on time delivery and excellent customer service in a wide variety of our products.

Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System will further enhance customer satisfaction and our ability to meet requirements.

Promoting a safe and friendly work environment committed to its employee’s prosperity, safety, and training needs.

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