Tuvvaq Composite Mat


Underground Utility and Pipeline Protection from Mechanical Excavations

Tuvvaq mats are manufactured by CMS using the superior raw material of Fiberglass resin polymer (FRP) designed to provide the highest bearing capacities.   These 100% composite matting solutions will perform under the most challenging operational and environmental conditions anywhere in the world.  Engineered to protect high pressure gas mains, water pipes, high voltage cables and industrial pipes in areas vulnerable to careless excavations or locations which require additional surface protection.  Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity, weight, conductivity, dimensions and color can be adapted to meet each project specifications.  Whatever the challenge, Tuvvaq can be engineered, designed and custom manufactured to meet the clients needs.


  • Right of ways, ditches, trenches canals, industrial sites, municipal sites where buried pipeline and cable infrastructure may require additional protection from careless or unplanned excavations
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