FRP Traffic Bridges

FRP traffic bridges are the solution for the future.  An FRP traffic bridge from CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) Canada is extremely strong, low-maintenance and sustainable. More than 350 FRP bridges featuring the InfraCore inside technology have been designed, engineered and installed in Europe and that number is increasing rapidly. Check Out Our Projects Here!

Low maintenance and resistant to vandalism

More and more governments are opting for CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) FRP bridges. Because of the strength of the material and their durable properties. A FRP traffic bridge is also practically maintenance-free. That is because FRP is insensitive to mold and moisture and resistant to UV radiation and extreme temperature changes and the material retains its shape retention and strength. FRP can withstand practically all forms of vandalism, such as graffiti and fire and can be repaired quickly.

Very sustainable solution

A FRP traffic bridge from CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is highly sustainable. This is due to the low net weight, the low maintenance required and the long service life of the material. Moreover, fewer transport movements are required for the placement of the bridge, which has a favorable effect on CO2 emissions.

Easy to install

The conventional way of building bridges can cause significant challenges to cities and municipalities. Streets and residential areas are less accessible, congestion typically occurs and residents are frustrated. CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) offers a better way and the opportunity to eliminate these issues. We build every bridge in our manufacturing facility in Edmonton, AB. We deliver the construction prefab to the construction site. Here we lift the bridge to its place in one go. Thanks to the low weight, only a light foundation is needed. As a result, installing a CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) traffic bridge takes little time.

Bridge renovation

FRP technology can be used for a bridge renovation using a CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) bridge deck. Thanks to the low net weight, the underlying construction can be preserved or made lighter. The prefab construction can be installed quickly and therefore quickly usable again. A bridge deck from CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is available in all sizes and complies with Canadian transportation codes and standards. The wear surface is available in various colors and qualities. CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) guarantees both the bridge deck and the wear surface.

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Sustainable Next-Generation Traffic Bridges

As Canada’s exclusive licensed manufacturer of InfraCore®technology, CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is changing the way bridges are conceived and constructed – through next-generation composite bridge technology that has been widely implemented throughout Europe, and around the world.

Our secret? InfraCore® Inside

You can fully rely on our bridges. They are extremely strong. This thanks to our unique InfraCore® technology. This technology was developed specifically for building extremely robust panels, without internal gluing or bolted connections.

The InfraCore® technology is based on the principle that there is a continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the construction. This prevents delamination and ensures that our bridges retain their strength and solidity. Even after many decades. Even after 100 years.

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