Companies operating in the energy, pipeline, utilities, forestry, heavy construction mining and disaster relief will benefit from the lightweight progressive design. This advanced technology in our airlift mat solution will perform under the most challenging operational and environmental conditions anywhere in the world. Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity, weight, anti-slip, conductivity, fire resistance, dimensions and color can be adapted to meet client project specifications.


  • Weatherproof high performance FRP composite panel AB22022
  • Compressive working load capacity 1200 psi.
  • Nominal panel dimensions 96” X 240” X 4”
  • Nominal weight inc. slip resistant coatings and hardware 1525 pounds
  • Waterproof slip-resistant hard surface coatings Included
  • Engineered D-ring overhead lifting attachments Cert. HSI 22-08-0030
  • Maximum panel suspended weight 1675 pounds
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