Sustainable and Anti-Corrosive Composite Materials for Marine Applications, and Infrastructure

As an FRP composites marine manufacturer, we have patented anti-corrosive technology the performs exceptionally well, in highly corrosive environments such as salt water/air. At CMSI, Our technology, in the way we design, engineer, and manufacture solutions, differentiates us from manufacturers around the world.

Solving the Corrosion Problem in Marine Applications

In utilizing traditional materials, disruption in business, maintenance, and repairs, is costing billions of dollars annually. CMSI has the anti-corrosive solution for marine applications, and infrastructure. With an expected 100 year lifespan, and minimal maintenance, our LCC are unmatched.

Our FRP designs paired with our patented technology provide:

  • An anti-corrosive application in an environment highly conducive to corrosion
  • Reduced disruption from downtime
  • Minimal maintenance and repair over a 75–100-year lifespan
  • Significant reduction in LCC
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reduction of time in installation
  • Significantly reduces CO2 emissions

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CMSI’s Marine Construction Applications & Capabilities

As a marine applications, and infrastructure manufacturer, our team consists of specialized engineers and technology partners in InfraCore® and HCB®. CMSI custom designs, engineers and manufactures the right solution to fit your requirements. The following are examples of CMSI and our licensing partners' marine designs and manufacturing capabilities:

  • Ship Camels,
  • docking systems,
  • pontoons,
  • barges,
  • float docks,
  • spillway gates,
  • Ship Hulls,
  • floating bridge,
  • lock gates,
  • interior cabin panels,
  • Rudder Flaps,
  • inland vessels, and
  • push barges.

Our Patented Technology: InfraCore Inside® and Hillman Composite Beam® (HCB)

CMSI will provide a solution to overcome your greatest challenges, featuring our two patented technologies:

  1. InfraCore Inside® - exclusive to CMSI and its licensing partners worldwide.
  2. Hillman Composite Beam®(HCB)- an FRP hybrid combination exclusive to CMSI.

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