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As a manufacturer of FRP composites, specializing in marine and waterway applications, we offer patented anti-corrosive technology that outperforms any solutions in the market. 

A recent 100-year, life cycle cost analysis on Tainter Gates was provided by USACE- and the results were staggering:

Traditional steel and concrete gates - $200,000,000

Our Patented FRP gates design - $20,000,000

Our FRP solution came in at 1/10th the cost. Further, we can manufacture 13 gates in 15 months. Steel and concrete would take up to 10 years.

This is one example of what differentiates us from marine infrastructure manufacturing companies around the world. 

Whether you’re looking for a barge builder, sea walls, lock gates, or docks for coastal infrastructure, CMSI is the trusted source for marine fabrication and design.

Solving the Corrosion Problem in Marine Infrastructure Designs

Utilizing traditional construction materials for naval infrastructure is costing billions of dollars annually in disruption in business, maintenance, and repairs. CMSI has the anti-corrosive solution for marine applications with patented composite construction solutions. With an expected 100-year lifespan, and minimal maintenance, our LCC is unmatched.

Our FRP designs for marine and coastal construction projects, paired with our patented technology provide:

  • An anti-corrosive application in an environment highly conducive to corrosion

  • Reduced disruption from downtime 

  • Minimal maintenance and repair over a 75–100-year lifespan

  • Significant reduction in LCC 

  • Reduced transportation costs

  • Reduction of time in installation

  • Significantly reduces CO2 emissions


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CMSI’s Marine Fabrication Applications & Capabilities

As a marine manufacturing company, specializing in hybrid and composite applications and infrastructure solutions, our team consists of specialized engineers and technology partners in InfraCore® and HCB®. CMSI custom designs, engineers and manufactures the right solution to fit your requirements. The following are examples of CMSI and our licensing partners' marine designs and manufacturing capabilities. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we take on the industry's largest challenges in waterway and coastal infrastructure.

Water Management

Lasting significantly longer than traditional steel materials, FRP composite waterway management is proven to provide significant lifecycle cost savings due to its design and anti-corrosive properties. Composite marine solutions are durable, lightweight and low maintenance with over a 75-100 year lifespan.

  • Spillway gates

  • Sea walls

  • Lock gates

  • Tainter gates

Coastal Infrastructure

Our composite and hybrid solutions are built to withstand the harshest coastal environments and have withstood hurricanes. Assets are pre-built in our marine manufacturing facility and shipped on-site for reduced construction time.

  • Sea walls

  • Float docks

  • Docking systems

  • Floating bridge

  • Ship camels

Marine Vessel Fabrication

Designed for your specific application using anti-corrosive materials, our solutions are carefully designed and tested to provide top-of-the-line lifecycle value.

  • Pontoons

  • Barges

  • Ship Camels

  • Ship hulls

  • Interior cabin panels

  • Rudder flaps

  • Inland vessels

  • Push barges

Our Patented Technology: InfraCore Inside® and Hillman Composite Beam® (HCB)


CMSI will provide a solution to overcome your greatest challenges, featuring our two patented technologies:

  1. InfraCore Inside® - exclusive to CMSI and its licensing partners worldwide.

  2. Hillman Composite Beam®(HCB)- an FRP hybrid combination exclusive to CMSI.


With these technologies, paired with our marine designers' expertise in hybrid and composite solutions, we are advancing marine infrastructure in the USA and Canada with anti-corrosive solutions.


CMSI Manufacturing of a Composite Ship Camel for Pearl Harbour

CMSI provided design, engineering, and manufacturing, for this project addressing the specifications, and performance expectations of our client.

These are single infusions, and VARTM process, weighing up to 8,000 lbs when complete. Each panel assembly can have up 800 individual parts including 196 individual stainless-steel plates. The stainless-steel plates are carefully drilled and tapped after infusion to provide the bolting features we need for mounting other external components in the final assembly. The final assembled product will use 196 panels of various sizes to complete two 235, 000 lb structures.


CMSI-Advancing Material Change.

One of our large single infusions using the VARTM process. This represents one of 196 components in a Navy Camel assembly. 

-Dimensions - 55’7” x 11’8” x 6” thickness

-Weight – 10,100 lbs. 

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