Project: FRP Structural Wall Panels For Commercial Building Application


The Challenge


Our client was recently challenged with developing a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials for their commercial building that could withstand harsh natural environments. Since the initial design company left the project, we were given a short window to custom design, engineer, and manufacture a solution.


With our advanced consulting engineering services and modern software simulations and design tools, we were able to custom design and engineer FRP panels to meet their specific needs. We fabricated foam core, multi-web designed FRP panels using the VARTM Infusion process, which provided variable web density, panel thickness, and skin thickness. The end result was a composite wall panel that is impervious to wind, rain, moisture, rot, temperature extremes, and UV exposure. This was the perfect solution for a commercial building that must withstand harsh weather conditions. Our ISO 9001 quality program ensured that every part was tested and inspected before shipping, resulting in our team delivering only the highest quality composite foam core panels. The insulative value of the panel reached as high as R6 per inch of thickness, depending on the FRP wall panel design.




  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation


Additional Features and Services:

In addition to our advanced manufacturing services, we can custom design FRP structural wall panels to your specific requirements and can provide installation to your site. Our FRP panels can also be customized with molded features such as:

  • Metal inserts for high-load bolted attachments
  • Reinforcements for extra large window systems
  • Door openings Conduits for electrical and plumbing
  • Custom colours and finishes
  • Additives and coatings can be applied to meet building code requirements for flam


Work with CMSI

Extend the life of your structures with cost-effective FRP wall panels. Contact us today to learn how we can meet your building needs.

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