CMSI Builds FRP Bridges
CMSI Builds Bridges Of The Future
CMSI Bridges have Long Life Spans
CMSI Bridges are practically Maintenance free!
CMSI Bridges are Lightweight
CMSI Bridges are Sustainable
CMSI Bridges are Strong
CMSI has InfraCore Inside

Sustainable construction with FRP

We only have one earth. And we have to treat it with care. With CMSI bridges and mats we therefore want to contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable.

Economical with raw materials, low CO2 emissions

CMSI products are very light (and yet extremely strong). This is thanks to the use of FRP technology and composite materials. We use very few raw materials, and our products therefore also have low CO2 emissions. Our prefab bridges even contribute to the highest attainable project-related ambition level on the CO2 Performance Ladder.

Fewer Transport Movements

CMSI manufactures every bridge in our own factory in Edmonton, AB. From there we transport the prefab bridge directly to the construction site. This saves on transport movements compared to conventional construction methods. And because our constructions are so light, this also saves CO2 emissions during transport. Placing the bridge is quick and easy with a light crane, with minimal traffic and noise pollution.

Very long service life

CMSI bridges, mats and bridge decks are designed for a very long service life of more than 100 years. This is partly due to our patented InfraCore® technology. Our products therefore retain their strength and sturdiness. We provide a 50-year guarantee on our bridges and bridge decks.

Practically maintenance-free

CMSI solutions are practically maintenance-free (apart from standard cleaning and timely updating of the wear layer). The construction is resistant to, among other things, corrosion, salt, UV, bird droppings, diesel oil and chemical substances. Extreme temperatures also have no influence on the construction. Graffiti is easy to remove, just like traces of fire. Life-prolonging measures are not necessary. The only maintenance-sensitive part is the bridge railings. We therefore position the handrails in such a way that they can be quickly removed for maintenance or replacement.

Possibility of remanufacturing

Composite is easy to edit in shape and function. So, if needed, a bridge can be adapted for use as a bridge at a different location. Or even for another application.

Avoid demolition with SUREbridge

CMSIs pioneering SUREbridge method prevents the demolition and rebuilding of concrete bridges. While maintaining the construction, we can technically upgrade the bridge. We do this in a short time, with minimal traffic and noise nuisance.

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