Composite Mat

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CMSI composite mats are a technologically advanced matting solution.

The innovative design delivers improved durability, longer life, enhanced physical properties and lower transportation costs vs conventional wood steel rig mats.

They are environmentally responsible and will reduce the GHG emissions due to their lightweight design.

Superior cleanability and ease of export makes our composite mats a perfect solution for the international market.

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Premium - Next Generation Composite Mats

There is increasing demand for sustainable, lightweight matting solutions that offer heavy-duty performance. Using advanced FRP technology, CMSI’s composite mats are stronger, lighter, and more flexible than conventional matting. Their unique design makes CMSI mats easier and more sustainable to transport: to sites across North America – or around the world. CMSI’s composite mats are manufactured with advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), featuring innovative InfraCore® technology. InfraCore’ s ingenious, patented design offers numerous advantages

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