Structural FRP Composite Wall Panels
For Residential & Commercial Building Applications

CMSI (Composite Infrastructure) continues to provide alternative solutions to traditional building materials through advancing material change.

We provide custom solutions that continue to outperform traditional applications and exceed the expectations of CMSI clients.

Engineered for a specific application using the modern software simulation, and design tools.
Foam core, multi-web designs can be customized to load requirements.
Variable web density, panel thickness, and skin thickness give exceptional freedom and efficiency in design.
Multiple cloth and resin options are available to manage a blanace of cost and performance.
FRP panels are fabricated using the VARTM infusion process that ensures the efficient use of materials. The insulating value of the panel can be as high as R6 per inch of thickness and is dependant on the panel design.

CMSI Structural Wall Panel
CMSI Structural Wall Panel

Moulded features can include:

  • Metal inserts for high-load bolted attachments
  • Reinforcements for large window systems
  • Door openings
  • Conduits for electrical and plumbing
  • Custom colours and finishes
  • Additives and coatings can be applied to meet building code requirements for flame spread, smoke and toxicity.
  • Cladding and overlay
CMSI Structural Wall Panel
CMSI Structural Wall Panel

Expected Lifespan of 100 Years

Structural attachment is load tested and verified for performance.
Our ISO 9001 wuality program ensures that every part is tested and inspected before shipping.
Panels can be pre-assembled on the groudn before lifting into position.
This system gives workers less exposure to the risks of heights and greater efficiency in assmbly with fewer on-site hours.
Typical wall assmblies can be less than half the weight of conventional wall systems.
Panels are completely sealed and impervious to wind, rain, moisture, rot, temperature extremes, and UV exposure.

CMSI Structural Wall Panel
CMSI Structural Wall Panel

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