CMSI Builds FRP Bridges
CMSI Builds Bridges Of The Future
CMSI Bridges have Long Life Spans
CMSI Bridges are practically Maintenance free!
CMSI Bridges are Lightweight
CMSI Bridges are Sustainable
CMSI Bridges are Strong
CMSI has InfraCore Inside

Our Products

What is FRP?

FRP is fiber-reinforced polymer. It consists of a combination of glass and/or carbon fibers and thermosetting resin. FRP is the material of the future. It is used as building-material for the construction of aircraft, rail platforms and marine infrastructure.   More and more bridges are also made of FRP. The material is very durable and practically maintenance-free. And thanks to the invention of our InfraCore® technology, CMSI bridges, mats and bridge decks are also extremely strong.

FRP has quite a few advantages as a construction material:


CMSI bridges and mats have a lower weight than traditional steel and concrete structures. We construct our products in our own factory in Edmonton, AB and then transport to construction sites nation wide.   Lighter weights typically reduce transport and construction installation time and costs. Under optimum conditions, we can install a bridge within an a very tight timeline, with minimal disruption to the environment.  The light weight design allows for a lighter foundation.

Low Maintenance

FRP is insensitive to fungi and moisture and therefore cannot rot or rust. UV rays and temperature changes also have no influence on FRP.  They are also resistant to vandalism and graffiti are easy to remove.  Repair costs are very low.


We only have one earth and we have to treat it with care. With our FRP construction materials and construction techniques we contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable.


CMSI bridges and mats are designed and engineered to be very robust and meet the highest safety standards. Our bridges and mats are virtually indestructible and comply with all Canadian building codes. FRP is stronger than steel and the unique InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking.




Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridges

CMSI pedestrian bicycle bridges are the best choice for municipalities looking for an innovative, safe and sustainable bridge solution. Choose a standard bridge or a custom design. Practically maintenance-free.




Traffic Bridges

Extremely strong CMSI Traffic bridges are engineered to meet every Canadian transportation building code standards. Lightweight, ultra-strong and practically maintenance-free and provide freedom of build form concepts. Various colors and specifications of wear surfaces are available.




Golf Bridges

A FRP CMSI Golf bridge is the ideal alternative to wood. Quick to install with minimal inconvenience. No foundation necessary and variety of wear surface are available.





Renovation of dated concrete bridge structures with SUREbridge is an innovative solution.   This unique method for maintaining, strengthening and widening an existing bridge was developed through a European collaboration.




Bridge Renovations

Our technology can provide bridge renovation with a CMSI bridge deck. Thanks to the low net weight, the underlying construction can be preserved or made lighter. The prefab construction can be installed quickly and therefore quickly usable again.



Composite Mat

CMSI composite mats are a technologically advanced matting solution. The innovative design delivers improved durability, longer life, enhanced physical properties and lower transportation costs vs conventional wood steel rig mats.  They are environmentally responsible and will reduce the GHG emissions due to their lightweight design. Superior cleanability and ease of export makes our composite mats a perfect solution for the international market.




Tuvvaq Composite Mat

These advanced technology matting solutions will perform under the most challenging operational and environmental conditions anywhere in the world. Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity, weight, anti-slip, conductivity, fire resistance, dimensions and color can be adapted to meet client project specifications.




Temporary Steel & Composite Bridge

with InfraCore® Mat Deck Patent Pending*

CMSI has designed a transformative fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite temporary steel & composite bridge with InfraCore® Mat Deck. Through its innovative design, the bridge will fill a significant gap in the temporary industrial bridge space across the North American market.  Companies operating in the energy, pipeline, utilities, forestry, heavy construction mining and disaster relief will benefit from the lightweight progressive design, ease of transport, installation and demobilization. 




FRP Platforms for Rail & Pedestrian Walkways

CMSI composite pedestrian and rail platforms are perfect for new construction or maintenance retrofits in high foot traffic locations. They are corrosion-resistant to de-icing chemicals and persevere in the most challenging weather conditions. The panels are lightweight panels and can be installed quickly in any location.

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