CMSI Builds FRP Bridges
CMSI Builds Bridges Of The Future
CMSI Bridges have Long Life Spans
CMSI Bridges are practically Maintenance free!
CMSI Bridges are Lightweight
CMSI Bridges are Sustainable
CMSI Bridges are Strong
CMSI has InfraCore Inside

Experts in advanced materials manufacturing

CMSI Infrastructure is a Certified InfraCore inside manufacturer with exclusive rights for manufacturing and distributing InfraCore Inside bridges in the Canadain market.  CMSI will use the patented InfraCore inside technology to manufacture the bridges for the Canadian market to the exacting standards used by InfraCore’ s other international partners including FiberCore Europe.  InfraCore’ s international Certified Manufacturing partners have constructed and installed over 1000 bridges worldwide.

CMSI produces bridges, composite mat solutions and bridge decks of advanced FRP material. We do this with our team of engineers and manufacturing specialists. We build the bridges in our factory in Edmonton Alberta, and deliver them prefab to the construction sites nationwide. We are your partner in bridges from A to Z.


Our secret? InfraCore® technology. That makes our prefab solutions lightweight, robust, solid and sustainable. They last for generations.

CMSI FiberCore bicycle and pedestrian bridges are made from fiber-reinforced polymer (frp) our bridges are extremely strong.
CMSI can create custom traffic bridges for your municipality. whether it is wooden, concrete or steel CMSI is here for all your traffic bridge needs.
CMSI has designed a transformative fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite temporary industrial bridge. Through its innovative design, the bridge will fill a significant gap in the temporary industrial bridge space across the North American market.
CMSI can replace wooden, steel and concrete bridge decks with FRP, while maintaining and reinforcing the existing construction.
SUREbridge is a new method that retains and even strengthens the existing structure. Using the infracore technology, we increase both the capacity and functionality of existing concrete bridges.
CMSI composite pedestrian and rail platforms are perfect for new construction or maintenance retrofits in high foot traffic locations.
Higher In bearing capacities and lighter in weight than our conventional rig mats in the product spectrum, Fibreglass Resin Polymer Rig Marts are a CMSI Solution designed to provide the highest bearing capacities.
These are high tech mat solutions. Every physical characteristic from bearing capacity weight anti-slip conductivity fire resistance dimensions and color can be adapted.
You hardly have to worry about the fibercore golf bridge. This is because practically maintenance free. That has everything to do with the material.

InfraCore® technology

Almost every bridge and bridge deck that CMSI constructs and installs are equipped with the InfraCore® Inside. A patented technology that makes it possible to produce FRP panels, that can withstand heavy loads, in an industrial way. With this invention, FiberCore Europe paved the way in 2008 for fiber-reinforced polymer structures in construction & infrastructure.


CMSI InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking, a known problem with FRP support structures. The solution was found in a continuous structural connection of glass fibers (or carbon fibers) between the top and bottom of the structure. The fiberglass mats run from the upper skin through body plates to the lower skin. And by placing the fibers in all directions, resin-dominated fracture surfaces are avoided. The construction contains no internal glues or bolted connections. The strength comes entirely from the fibers, which themselves are stronger than steel.


The InfraCore® technology has been tested for a combination of stress, impact damage and fatigue. This shows that no delamination can occur due to fatigue in damaged plates. All constructions with InfraCore® Inside will comply with Canadian bridge construction codes.


We only have one earth and we have to treat it with care. With CMSI FRP construction materials and construction techniques we contribute to making the infrastructure market more sustainable.



CMSI bridge and mat structures are extremely strong. FRP is stronger than steel. The unique InfraCore® technology prevents delamination and cracking.

Maintenance free

CMSI bridges and mats are resistant to moisture, rot and mold and insensitive to temperature changes. They are also resistant to vandalism and graffiti are easy to remove.


CMSI bridges and mats have a lower weight than traditional steel and concrete structures. As a result, the underlying construction can be lighter and therefore reduce transport and construction installation times.


CMSI bridges and mats are designed and engineered to be very robust and meet the highest safety standards. Our bridges and mats are virtually indestructible and comply with all Canadian building codes.

Long lifespan

CMSI bridges, mats and bridge decks are designed for a very long service life. By using InfraCore® Inside, our products retain their strength and sturdiness for decades.





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