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Experts in Advanced Materials Design and Manufacturing

At CMSI (CMS Infrastructure), we are experts in advanced materials design and manufacturing.

As a design and manufacturing company, we’ve been working in FRP composites for 7 years. From our earliest iterations, to our newest InfraCore Inside Technology, and the HCB( Hillman Composite Beam), we’re fast becoming the leader in Canada in advanced material change. Through FiberCore Europe, CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) is a part of a consortium of licensed partnerships, from around the world. From aeronautical, to civil engineers, we collaborate to find solutions for the most complex projects. From lock gates to ship hulls. Potash infrastructure to helidecks, we embrace each challenge with proven technology, and patented designs. In addition to our bridge manufacturing services, we also offer a variety of manufacturing-related consulting and engineering services. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services possible.

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Who is CMS Group of Companies?

A thoughtful discussion on the CMS Group of Companies by our Founder & CEO, Shawn Beamish

Latest Videos from CMSI (CMS Infrastructure)

CMSI Manufacturing of a Composite Ship Camel

CMSI provided design, engineering, and manufacturing, for this project addressing the specifications, and performance expectations of our client. These are single infusions, and VARTM process, weighing up to 8,000 lbs when complete. Each panel assembly can have up 800 individual parts including 196 individual stainless-steel plates. The stainless-steel plates are carefully drilled and tapped after infusion to provide the bolting features we need for mounting other external components in the final assembly. The final assembled product will use 196 panels of various sizes to complete two 235, 000 lb structures

 CMSI-Advancing Material Change. 

One of our large single infusions using the VARTM process. This represents one of 196 components in a Navy Camel assembly. 

-Dimensions - 55’7” x 11’8” x 6” thickness

-Weight – 10,100 lbs.

What is Hillman Composite Beam?

John Hillman explains how the HCB is built with different building materials, resulting in a cost effective composite beam designed to be stronger, lighter, and more corrosion resistant compared to traditional concrete materials.

Benefits of Hillman Composite Beam Technology

What are the benefits of Hillman Composite Beam and how does it differ from traditional materials?

Engineering Behind The Hillman Composite Beam

The engineering behind the Hillman Composite Beam (HCB) was developed to solve common problems with conventional materials.

Testing Hillman Composite Beam

Just how strong is the Hillman Composite Beam? We put it to the test to know how much load-bearing capacity an HCB beam could take to compare it with traditional concrete beams used for bridge manufacturing. This video showcases the advanced manufacturing capabilities of our composite bridge products.

How does a Hillman Composite Beam compare to a Concrete Beam? compare to a Concrete Beam?

How does Hillman Composite Beam (HCB) bridge engineering compare to traditional materials when building a bridge? Here are the answers to our most commonly asked questions.

What are the standard sections of a Hillman Composite Beam?

Hillman Composite Beams are used in a variety of structural bridge design projects. In this video, you will learn about the standard sections of a Hillman Composite Beam and how they can be customized for your specific project requirements.

Bridges Manufactured with Hillman Composite Beams (HCB)

Hillman Composite Beam has been used in bridges across North America for pedestrian and traffic bridges, railway bridges, and even piers that survived a category 4 hurricane on the oceanfront in Maine.

Hillman Composite Beam Construction Sequence

Hillman Composite Beam (HCB) offers a unique solution for bridge construction, ensuring structures are both super-durable and light in weight yet remarkably strong.
Through this video, John Hillman explains the innovative process that transforms HCB into bridges capable of incredible load-bearing capability - far beyond traditional designs!

Performance Plus - Testing Hillman Composite Beam at Virginia Tech

How do you conduct a structural inspection on HCB beams? John Hillman answers this question and more that highlights the strength and benefits of HCB over traditional beams.

Previous CMSI Videos

Hillman Composite Beam - Superior Advancements in Bridge Technology

We know the limitations of traditional materials. We've partnered with HCB which combines the durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites with the low-cost and functional advantages of concrete and steel. The result is a cost-competitive, resilient bridge system benefitting from the extended service life inherent in composite materials.

What if you could build better? Hillman Composite Beam

What if you could build bridges better? Join CMSI (CMS Infrastructure) and Hillman Composite Beam in how we're revolutionizing bridge engineering and construction.

Advancing Material Change - Qualities of FRP Bridges

A better way to build bridges - Learn about CMSI's (CMS Infrastructure's) InfraCore FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer), bridges and the unique attributes that contribute to their longevity, low environmental impact and durability

Advancing Material Change - Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP)

Jan Peeters and the development of the InfraCore Inside Technology - Learn about InfraCore FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer), the process in which it is manufactured, and its benefits


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Hillman Composite Beam (HCB) | CMSI Solutions

The HCB combines the durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites with the low-cost and functional advantages of concrete and steel. The result is a cost-competitive, resilient bridge system benefitting from the extended service life inherent in composite materials. The lightweight design provides added benefits for shipping and erection while using standard construction equipment and methods.

The fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) outer shell provides shear strength and encapsulates the tension and compression elements - the compression element is a concrete arch, the tension element is steel reinforcement that runs longitudinally the length of the beam and ties the two ends of the concrete arch together. Essentially, the HCB is a tied arch in a fiberglass box where 90 percent of the strength is provided by steel and concrete, ensuring an extended service life and minimal maintenance.

The HCB can be used wherever steel or concrete beams are used and particularly where structures are built are in highly corrosive or caustic environments. Currently, we are manufacturing beams with span lengths up to 120 feet (34m).

From engineering to transportation and installation, CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. Talk to our experts - start a chat on our website:

Advancing Material Change in the Marine Industry

Deterioration of traditional materials in salt water continues to be a challenge. Our team knew that an advanced solution was needed through innovate designs and materials. Our FRP composites can handle the corrosive effect of salt-water, and are currently being applied in the development of ship hulls, lock gates, and a variety of marine applications.

From engineering to transportation and installation, CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. Talk to our experts - start a chat on our website:

CMSI is a design and fabrication company focused on the use of innovative materials including composites, steel and plastics. We provide solutions for applications in civil construction, transportation, public infrastructure, industrial equipment, and energy industry.

At CMSI we address your toughest manufacturing challenges with a team of industry experts backed with years of infrastructure and industrial design and manufacturing experience.

• Consultation
• Engineering & Design
• Manufacturing
• Product Transportation & Installation

CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. Talk to our experts - start a chat on our website:

A significant portion of our exsisting infrastructure is close to the end of it's service life, requiring a major infusion of resources within the next decade to keep our national transportation system in good health - SUREbridge is the way forward.

Our FRP SUREbridge technology is being utilized to revitalize bridges, extending the life span for more than 50 years, without demolition of the existing construction and preserving those resources and assets.

Learn more about our SUREbridge technology:

InfraCore® FRP Technology & Hybrid Designs

Our 64,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Nisku, Alberta, provides us the opportunity to build a variety of bridge iterations. As a steel and FRP Composite manufacturing facility, we can design to suit your specific needs. Wood, steel, and FRP Composites decks, creates a design to suit your specific needs, and budget.

InfraCore’s ingenious, patented design and offers numerous advantages:

✓ Strength - FRP is 5x stronger than steel. Patented InfraCore® technology prevents delamination, and cracking in load bearing infrastructure applications.
✓ More Sustainable - Up to 50-year structural guarantee, with a projected 100+ year lifespan and reduced transportation requirements and costs.
✓ Faster Installation – Often monolithic, we can install in one-day for dramatically accelerated completion, and significant cost savings.
✓ Proven Safe - Our bridges are engineered and manufactured to comply with all Canadian building codes.
✓ Low Maintenance
✓ Customized Design - CMSI’s composite materials give you greater flexibility to create aesthetically appealing, architecturally distinct bridge designs that complement the natural surroundings. Choose your colours, wear layers, handrails, logo applications, built-in LED lighting.

From engineering and design, to transportation and installation, CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. Talk to our experts - start a chat on our website:

CMSI's eco-friendly and maintenance-free bridges are perfect for golf courses. They can be installed the same day, limiting any disruptions on the course.

The InfraCore® technology is guaranteed for 50 years, with minimal maintenance. Due to its advanced fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) structures, our bridges will result in much lower operating expenses over the lifetime of the bridge. We can custom build to suit the aesthetics of the course, including adding logos and color configurations.

How much time and money do you spend on managing the bridges on your golf course? If a zero maintenance, custom designed, bridge with a 100 year life span all installed in 2-3 hours sounds intriguing, please give us a call or start a live chat on our website.

Visit our website -

Sustainable Refurbishment | CMSI SUREbridge

As of 2022, over thirty thousand concrete Canadian bridges are outdated and in need of either replacement or costly reconstruction.

Demolition and new construction is not sustainable and in many circumstances not possible. CMSI SUREbridge offers a sustainable, cost-effective solution for sustainable refurbishment of existing concrete bridges. SUREbridge is a proven method that retains and strengthens the existing structure. CMSI will increase both the capacity and functionality of existing concrete bridges. The result: a renewed construction that requires minimal maintenance.

Learn more about SUREbridge:

CMSI manufactures bridges, composite mat solutions, composite platforms walkways and bridge decks using advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) construction.

All products are engineered and custom fabricated at our facility in Nisku, Alberta and delivered to construction sites nationwide. We are Canada’s exclusive licensed manufacturer of InfraCore: a game changing FRP technology.

CMSI is driven to reshape the way infrastructure projects are conceptualized and constructed, through next-generation materials and manufacturing expertise. Our process is to work collaboratively with transportation and engineering firms to support their bid process and advance their projects with our proven, patented technology and extensive manufacturing experience. Whatever the design, structural or logistical challenge, CMSI is committed to delivering the right solution necessary to advance the project.

Learn more about the composite market here:

With 10 acres, 3 shops, and over 64,000 square feet of manufacturing space, CMSI provides an optimum Steel and Composite Fabrication facility based in Nisku, Alberta.

Our manufacturing facility features:
- 24 overhead cranes (10- 20 tons)
- 3 outdoor gantry cranes
- Multiple welding stations throughout
- Industrial blast, paint and coating facility

From engineering to transportation and installation, CMSI is your partner in advancing material change. Learn more about the next generation bridges here:

CMSI has a network of corporations in the manufacturing industry along with licensing partners across the globe that we pull from to ensure your project is a success.

We believe in sustainable infrastructure that lasts. This is why we are a distributor of InfraCore, one of the strongest materials in the industry that lasts substantially longer than traditional materials. This combination of FRP materials and steel creates a lifetime value that is trusted for the largest of infrastructure and industrial projects, including bridges and rig mats, the locations that receive the most wear and tear.

Learn more about the next generation bridges here:

CMSI has a network of InfraCore Inside licensing partners across the globe. Our group of engineers and designers through collaboration, overcome some of your greatest challenges in design and fabrication of FRP Composite infrastructure.

Learn more about the next generation bridges here:

What is InfraCore technology?

InfraCore technology was developed specifically for building extremely robust panels, without internal gluing or bolted connections. The technology is based on the principle that there is continuous structural connection of glass fibers between the top and bottom of the structure. This prevents delamination and ensures that our bridge decking and wall panels retain their strength.

Learn More about InfraCore -

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